Dedicated to the history of the common cavalry soldier and horse
through reenactments, history programs and education.
1860 – 1865



We strive to portray an authentic company of citizen-soldiers along with their families, to present as accurately as possible the true memory of these historic Virginians. Our ranks are filled with educators, farmers, captains of industry, craftsmen, artisans, teachers, cowboys and just good folk, exactly the composition of the original Rockbridge Dragoons. Our best impression is of a company of “rough and tumble” valley cavalrymen, active during the period of the War Between the States, 1860-1865. Portraying the “roughservice of the horse” has produced a group of expert horsemen,steeped in the knowledge of the drill manuals of the era. One of our many assets is our ability to teach this history to others. This gift manifests in many forms, from battle recreations, living history with actions, to school programs, and most disciplines in between. We offer the best possible representation of history that research can provide.



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Feb. 11, 2013


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